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There are many things to consider when hiring a real estate professional to handle the sale of your property. . It takes hard work and dedication all fired by a passion to serve your neighbors. There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing people at a closing table with smiles on their faces. The Buyers are waking up and find that the  business of their dreams is just a signature away. The Sellers are thinking about many things but the best thing is they got a price that " Made Them Happy "

We pride ourselves on personal and professional service. Always available to talk with our Sellers or Buyers and always have time to talk about The World's Most Beautiful Beaches.and Beyond !

About our Broker - Louis Gigis

Louis is licensed in the State of Florida ( since 1992) as a Real Estate Broker and since 2015 as a  Community Association Manager.  He is a merger and acquisitions Manager, business consultant and analyst . He has been selling hotels, motels and restaurants since 1989 and  has owned  twelve successful hospitality businesses and managed many more since the 1970's. Articles have been written about his businesses and his passion for hospitality.

Our associates have many years experience in the Florida real estate commercial, industrial and business real estate markets. Over the years we’ve refined and enhanced our Mission Statement in regards to our services to buyer, seller and tenant clients. Sellers - While residential real estate brokerage can be practiced with a more limited skill set, commercial, industrial and business brokerage requires a much higher level of expertise and involvement.

While a residence can sell itself simply on a great kitchen or floor plan, a commercial property requires marketing the potential for revenue and business based on a host of factors, from local consumer demographics through location analysis to long and short term market prospects.  Let us demonstrate our expertise and the ways in which we help commercial businesses in the Florida real estate markets.

​Our mission is to cover every base and turn over every rock in property evaluation to assure our buyer clients they’ve made the right decision.

Buyers - No matter what type of business you are planning or relocating, office, retail, industrial or manufacturing, there is a long list of property and market evaluation tools and tasks required to make the right commercial property purchase decision. White Silver Sands Realty has an excellent reputation for helping buyers to locate and financially analyze commercial real estate and industrial properties.  .

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